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Iron Fist comes out tomorrow and I already reviewed the previous MARVEL/Netflix shows, so this is the only thing I had
(It has Iron Fist in the title and is directed by RZA who also directs one episode of the show so there you go :P )
I LOVE martial arts movies, I have a soft spot for them, specially the cheesy and over-the-top ones and man does this film has it all, right in the opening you know what you're getting into, the movie is really absurd, very much reminiscent of those martial arts movies from the 70's and 80's, RZA's passion for those movies is apparent here, actually, the action was really good and a lot of fun to watch and the music, it's great, the characters and plot, they are exactly what I was expecting, standard martial arts movie characters and plot, there is revenge, love, violence, is all there, but that kinda works on it's favor, the movie is like one big cheesy and absurd but fun tribute to those kind of movies and actually the actors do pretty well considering the material they were given, the only real problem of the movie is (ironically) when it tries to have some character and story development, just, no, that is necessary for other kind of movies but for this one, cheesy and awesome fight scenes is all I need.

Personal score:

(I wonder how the episode of MARVEL's Iron Fist that was directed by RZA is going to be like :D )
I guess it comes full circle now that I played the last pokemon game I didn't played :D
As we all know, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of the originals Ruby, Sapphire and even a little bit of Emerald, and yes, is also the game that came out in 2014, before Sun and Moon came out in 2016 so this is a late review to say the least, oh well. So how the game itself is? I have to admit I'm surprised that pokemon games are still good after so many years and Omega Ruby is no exception, in fact is a pretty big improvement over the original in my opinion, the story is for the most part the same as the original, with a few added things here and there, even the after game story had some added stuff, the gameplay however is what changed the most, yes, the combats are mostly the same but there are plenty of new features that really makes this game feel bigger than the originals, the graphics are also good, specially for a 3DS game, now, while the story is mostly the same, is still actually an interesting story, one of my favorites of the Pokemon series in fact, even the after game story is just as interesting (if not more) than the main story, and the villains are some of the most interesting in the franchise, I know pokemon is not exactly a game about deep character development but actually the villains in this game they all actually are very memorable and interesting, the music is also really good, something that is actually now to be expected from this franchise, there is always at least one song that stays in your head when you play this games. The original Ruby was really good, but this remake really did improved many elements of that original game, fingers crossed that they might make a Diamond/Pearl remake one day :D

A Grown Collection
The Killing Joke and Born Again are still missing, but I'm close to getting them :P

I'm surprised in how much this collection has grown in a few months 


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ei9 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
Early birthday wishes to you C.B.V My man and may it be so Epic Sweet!
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So uh...seen the reviews of the doom open beta?
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